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Instead of Renting You can also purchase your water cooler from us and we will install it for Free. For a competitive quote call us on 0800 376 3369.

FREE Trial - Desktop/Countertop Water Cooler

Bottleless Free Trial Countertop Water Coolers For The Home

Free Installation for home rented countertop water coolers. Any Location. No Obligation 14 Day Free Trial For All Home Water Coolers!

Choose from a range of efficient countertop water coolers for the home. We will install free of charge: try before you sign up for one of our water cooler rental packages for the home. We have a stylish range of coolers to compliment any kitchen from glossy white to stainless steel water coolers.

Table top water coolers for home use - FREE 14 day trialIf you prefer the taste of water to tap water but are tired of spending time and energy dragging bottled water home from the supermarket, then our bottled water coolers could be just what you’re looking for.

Our table top or desktop water coolers for home are the best on the market manufactured from reliable top cooler suppliers. They are cheap to rent out not cheaply manufactured so you will get years of service. Available in stainless steel finish, white or charcoal. Counter or desk top water coolers make the ideal home water cooler for the summer and all year round.

Contact us today on 0800 376 3369 to see if we can supply your home to ensure that you always have great tasting chilled water available.

Aquastations' 14 Day Free Trial mains connected best table top water coolers for the home will save
you time and money as well as providing cool filtered water on demand.
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