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Point Of Use (POU) Plumbed In Water Coolers, Mains Fed and Bottle Free


If you already have a water cooler in your home or have office water coolers, then it may be worth investigating whether a bottleless water cooler, also known as a plumbed in or mains connected water cooler, will be a suitable replacement.

Bottle free water coolers are the environmental and financial best way to drink water. You just have to read bottleless water cooler reviews to see that they are superior compared to bottled water dispensers. Over a year a mains fed water cooler can save you hundreds of pounds. By filtering and chilling mains water, you will no longer have to order costly bottles of water.

Bottleless water coolers can save you money straight away, but you will also save on administration time, with only one invoice per year and most importantly you will never run out of water.

No more conversations with staff about the fact that there isn’t any chilled water available! Mains fed water coolers make financial and time saving sense and free up your staff time to get on with their jobs. These electric water coolers are simple to install. One of our trained engineers will plumb them in and you can start drinking fresh tasting, filtered water immediately. We can also supply bottleless water coolers for home and office.

  • POU-B-O-Classic-Silver-Black-Floorstanding water cooler
  • POU-B-O-Classic-Black-Tabletop water cooler
  • POU 3300 Black Floorstanding water cooler
  • POU 3300 Black Floorstanding water cooler
  • POU-520-White-Floorstanding water cooler
  • POU-520-Black-Tabletop water cooler
  • POU-Jazz-White-Floorstanding water cooler
  • POU-Jazz-White-Tabletop water cooler
  • POU-Hydropoint-White-Tabletop water cooler
  • POU-Hydropoint-White-Floorstanding water cooler


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